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Our goal at the “Blue J day spa” is simple - to provide you with the best massage you ever in a casual, relaxing atmosphere enhancing your massage experience; to make sure that you can unwind, relax and help to relieve any tension, anxiety and stress you many have.

Experience Relaxation…


90 Minute Combo

60 minute deep tissue massage and


30 minutes hot stones


At Blu ”J“ Day Spa we enhance your massage with the use of 100% natural essential  oils from flowers, herbs and fruit. These aromatic scents and oils help you relax, can reduce nervousness, allowing you to get the  full benefit of a massage.

Try a traditional “Chinese Foot Massage” or a pressure point theraphy also know as a reflexology massage. Our feet work hard all day long, supporting us, moving us about, try a foot massage and discover the amazing effects it will have  on you whole body!

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