Physical Benefits

  • Helps alleviate lower back pain

  • Relaxation

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Loosens tight muscles

  • Increases blood flow

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Stretches connective tissue

  • Increase range of motion

  • Improves skin tone

  • Enhance the lymph system and boosts the immume system

  • Release amino acids that work as our bodies natural painkiller

  • Helps with headaches

  • Reduces muscle spams and cramping

  • Exercise and stretch weak, tight and atrophied muscles

Mental & Emotional Benefits

  • Reduces stress

  • Sleep better and a quality sleep

  • Helps with concentration

  • Improves productivity

  • Helps with a felling of well being

  • Stimulates emotional growth

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

Consider a massage if…

  • Sit at a computer all day

  • On your feet all day

  • Have a high stress job

  • Drive all day, truck drivers, bus drivers

  • Feel tense

  • Suffer with chronic pain

  • Feeling fatiqued

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