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About our Day Spa

Lingling Lin, massage therapist at the Blue Jay Day Spa is state-certified and also nationally certified. Her experienced and talent  offer a variety of services including: relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, foot massage and prenatal massage.


Lin, moved to the Lake Arrowhead area from Temecula in August of 2014 and simply fell in love with the mountains and followed her instinct that this was the right place to open a spa business. The Blue Jay Day Spa opened September 1, 2014, and business is growing rapidly as locals and visitor discover the power of massage at the Blue Jay Day Spa.


Lin, has created a environment which is warm, inviting as well as relaxing. All of the massage tables are heated, the air is scented with lavender and soothing music is piped through all the rooms for client comfort. Check out the art on the walls, much of it is painted by Lin.


Whether clients come for a massage to help with a particular ache or pain or for general relaxation, Lin said “they feel like a totally different person afterwards so they make time to come back even though they work hard and are very busy.”


A massage makes and excellent gift, get a gift certificate today!


Call 909-336-2459 or set-up an appointment online.


Lingling Lin

Blue Jay Day Spa

As I massage a client, I can tell where their problems lie, even without them telling me.

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